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LITIN Health and FItness Website

We all want to be healthy, and we need to find ways to live a lifestyle that will make us enjoy the good life. The issue on wellness is so important, that companies all over the world set up programs to keep their employees healthy. More »

LITIN Health and FItness Website

We all want to be healthy, and we need to find ways to live a lifestyle that will make us enjoy the good life. The issue on wellness is so important, that companies all over the world set up programs to keep their employees healthy. More »

LITIN Health and FItness Website

We all want to be healthy, and we need to find ways to live a lifestyle that will make us enjoy the good life. The issue on wellness is so important, that companies all over the world set up programs to keep their employees healthy. More »

LITIN Health and FItness Website

We all want to be healthy, and we need to find ways to live a lifestyle that will make us enjoy the good life. The issue on wellness is so important, that companies all over the world set up programs to keep their employees healthy. More »


Physical Jobs Which Keep You Fit and Help Fulfil Gym Goals

We live in an increasingly sedentary age. A time of sitting on our arses and staring into screens. We may dream of bygone eras, when life was a real challenge and often an adventure, but for most them days are over. What can we do to stay fit and keep our monkey bodies in tune? What physical jobs are still available in the labour marketplace, which can fulfil our gym goals and still turn a reasonable dollar? I remember back to the pre-professional sporting days, when first grade football players chose jobs that regularly combined those prerequisites.

Physical Jobs Which Keep You Fit and Help Fulfil Gym Goals

The milk run was well named because the milko actually ran whilst delivering your milk to your door. Similarly, the garbo ran behind the garbage truck gathering your bins and emptying them and replacing them at a brisk trot. Alas, in most cases these two fine professions have been subsumed by new practices and mechanisation. Mowing lawns and gardening, on the other hand, have not been changed that much and still demand a great deal of physical energy. Labouring as a landscape gardener involves digging, lifting and shifting vast amounts of earth and foliage, often, by hand.

Physically Demanding Professions

Cabinet making can keep you busy, but mechanisation has crept in there, quite a bit, with machines capable of churning out much of what they do. Hands on chiro work is another physically demanding profession to consider in this light. As is physiotherapy and many of the other healing modalities. The massage therapist works very hard using their body to bring remedial relief to their patients and clients. There are still jobs out there that can challenge on a physical basis, but they are getting harder to find.

Personal Trainers

The most obvious, of course, is the personal trainer, where getting fit is a prime prerequisite to being able to do the job. Training others to achieve fitness is a worthwhile endeavour, that’s for sure. Personal trainers can work in gyms, sporting clubs, as hiking instructors and in a variety of other applications. Personal trainers are meeting the challenge of the sedentary world head on and doing something about it in a positive way. Will you take the challenge, or you can throw in the towel and just eat? In fact, personal trainers can eat more because they burn off those calories at work.

How Lawyers can Help You to Cover Physical Rehabilitation Costs

Cover Physical Rehabilitation Costs

When you sustained physical injuries while at work, you may want to know from your physical injury lawyers how they can help you cover the physical rehabilitation costs. Truth be told, the whole work cover compensation law may take years of court hearings and will cost thousands of dollars in the process. That is why it is important that you seek legal assistance to guarantee that you get the indemnity you deserve. Lawyers whose expertise is on personal injury law have the knowledge and resources at their disposable, which will immensely help you with your claim.

How Lawyers Can Help You To Cover Physical Rehabilitation Costs

In most personal injury cases, the physical rehabilitation costs are included in the personal injury damages awarded to the plaintiff. These cover the reimbursement for the medical expenses for the treatment you received and the compensation for future medical care for your injuries. However, there are instances where your role on the cause(s) of the accident and your inaction after sustaining the injuries can shrink the amount of the damages that you can claim. That being so, it is a must that you get legally represented and advised by someone who specialises in personal injury law.

For you to receive the full value of restitution, your physical injury lawyer along with an expert medical practitioner have to prove your medical expenses. Normally, a detailed documentation is needed in calculating the total costs of the received medical treatment and the costs of your future medical care. Documents such as hospital bills, receipts of the received medical treatments, pharmaceutical bills and other certificates that show the disbursements for your medical care, should be presented as evidence in the court.

Alternatively, your health insurance and a no-fault coverage can cover physical rehabilitation costs. If you purchased a health insurance or your employer provided you with one, it can be used to pay for your hospital expenses, medications, and other medical fees.  On the other hand, a no-fault coverage can lessen the premium costs by bypassing the litigation over the causes of an accident. More often than not, it provides quick payments for your physical injuries and property damages. In any case, a physical injury lawyer will help you recover all your medical expenses.

Keeping Up Appearances: Sex Workers Fit for Duty

sex workers fit for duty

Research shows that a woman’s outward look is the thing that attracts a man most. In today’s society, appearance does matter. As a matter of fact, it determines how a person is treated. It is a sad truth, but it is a fact of life. For some people, they need to look good and presentable at all times. This is always the case for those who make their living from having sex with strangers. In keeping up their appearances, the image of sex workers fit for duty should emanate.

Keeping Up Appearances: Sex Workers Fit for Duty

If you want to work in the sex industry, your looks are quite important. Undoubtedly, a gorgeous face and a great figure will draw the attention of your clients. And the only way you can maintain your figure is by keeping fit and sexually virile. Having said that, you will need to have the proper “skills” and the right attitude for your customers to come back.

The secret to becoming a successful escort lies on how you promote yourself. Aside from your looks and personality, the way you put up your image can make you seductive and ravishing. For you to execute the perfect “sex workers fit for duty” look, you have to keep yourself in shape.

Today, many consider the “it” escort to be someone who is toned and has noticeable curves. Most clients prefer the girls who are muscular and/or fit. Being in line with what customers will dig is no easy feat. It will take a lot of cardio exercises, focus and discipline. Some men have a penchant for bootylicious girls, so you better work that ass, sister!

Since not everyone is gifted with a pretty face and the perfect body, there are ways on how you can keep up your appearances. If you want to augment your breasts and ass, there are push-up bras and padded lingerie that will do you wonders. And once the main part of the night gets going, your client is past the point of knocking you back for a boob-bastic alternate.

At the end of the day, escorts who are not confident in their own skin do not have what it takes to become sex workers fit for duty. But with proper support and the right morale-booster, they can do well in this industry.

Working Out: Injuries & Treatments


Working out is a great way to stay in shape. Not only will it keep you physically fit but mentally and emotionally balanced. If you’re working out to be healthy, you’re on the right track. But you must be careful because injuries happen when you’re careless. Understanding how our body work is important to prevent workout injuries. While some injuries are preventable, you can reduce your chances of injury by warming up and exercising in balanced routine. It is important to take special precaution against work out injuries. Injury is painful and can hamper your fitness goals. I listed some common working out injuries and treatment. Proper treatment can make the injury heal quickly and let you get back to your working out routine as soon as possible.

Poor posture is often the reason for neck injury. Problems arise when you take your poor posture to the gym. Your lack of mobility in the upper back put stress on your neck and lower back. Neck injury happens when you put additional stress on your neck when you exercise. If you don’t use the full spine properly when arching your head and neck, it causes strain to the neck muscles. Neck strain is often characterized by throbbing pain, tingling, numbness and difficulty swallowing. Some people experience dizziness and swelling in the lymph nodes.

Treatment of neck injury is based on the exact cause of the injury. Bed rest is advised for moderate pain. Putting a pillow or a cervical collar helps to ease the discomfort and support the neck. A gentle massage can stimulate the blood flow to the neck muscles. Cold compress by using an ice pack reduces inflammation and pain. Applying heat to the affected area improves blood flow and stimulates the healing response. Pain relievers with anti-inflammatory properties can also help relieve the pain.

Trying to lift weight without strengthening the rotator cuff results in shoulder injury. Without the stability needed for control the rotator cuffs tears and strains giving you loss of range of motion and weakness. Shoulder injury ranges from very mild injury to severe case. You may experience pain at the end of the collarbone to the top of the shoulder.

Apply ice or cold compress immediately to your shoulders to reduce the pain and swelling. Pain reliever like Ibuprofen may be prescribed by the doctor for pain and inflammation. Joint taping supports the joint and muscles into correct position to aid in the healing process. You may need the joint taped for 2-3 weeks. Once the pain subsides, perform exercises that are recommended for this type of injury. If your shoulder injury doesn’t heal adequately, pharmaceutical intervention is needed. Your doctor may prescribe corticosteroid injection or you may need to visit an osteopathy clinic that can advise on the optimal procedure to treat your injury.

Herniated disk is the result of excessive flexion in the lumbar region of the spine. It is characterized by protrusion or bulging in the spine. Too much pressure is applied the disk becomes soft. When the disk is soft it pushes against a nerve and produce pain, it may result in permanent damage.

The treatment depends on the severity of pain and your history. Taking a break from regular active lifestyle will give time for the injured tissues and nerve roots to heal. Ice pack or hot compress can relieve you of back pain and reduce inflammation. Taking over the counter prescription drugs can also relieve the pain. Build your strength and flexibility by exercising under the guidance of a trained physical therapist.

Muscle pull or tear occurs when the muscle is overstretched. A muscle pull happens as a result of fatigue or improper use of muscle. It causes damage to the muscle and its attaching tendons. It can also damage blood vessels causing bleeding to the area, bruising and pain. Muscle pull can be characterized by swelling of the muscle or tendons. You can experience pain when that muscle is used.

The swelling or bleeding of the affected area can be treated by applying ice packs to close the blood vessels. This will maintain the strained muscle in a stretched position. After the swelling is reduced heat pack can be used to treat the muscle pull. Anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen is prescribed to relieve the pain and help improve your ability to move around. You can also use elastic bandage to provide support and decrease the swelling. Keep the injured area elevated to lessen the swelling. Crutches or braces may also be used as a part of the treatment plan.

Your Physical Image Defines Your Profile

Every picture tells a story; and the picture of you – tells your story. How we look and present ourselves has never been more important, as it is in today’s world. Facebook and the digital sphere demand images of ourselves to be posted up for all to see. People hire and fire based on image. People fall in love and lust based on physical image. The world derides or applauds based on how you look. Keeping fit and trim has never been more essential to success in life and love.

Your Physical Image Defines Your Profile

Despite this, we have obesity epidemics throughout the west and Americans, in particular, battle with their bulging waistlines. Personal trainers have gone from niche to mainstream, in the flex of a bicep. Successful people work-out every other day; and you always see a President or PM on TV, jogging surrounded by security guards. Your physical image defines your profile. People don’t care as much about what you have achieved, as how you look doing it. Content has been subsumed by cosmetic appearance – style over substance has ruled the roost for decades now. How much is the Internet to blame for this?

The virtual world can only show pictures and text, so, the image becomes the reality. People watch and engage with the world through an online portal. The frozen smiling image is king and queen. Pearly white teeth are de rigour. Americans have defined celebrity through Hollywood and their popular culture, which has been exported to every corner of the globe. Individuals must develop and define their physical profiles. Promote yourself, or die an ignominious and neglected death deep in the suburbs of Nowhereville. The modest and understated British tradition has been shelved permanently.

We all have had to learn how to boast about our non-achievements endlessly on Facebook and other forms of social media. Blogging has clogged the digital realm with zillions of words and pictures about nothing. As long as you are smiling, as you do it and look fantastic, you are a credible human being. Vacuous models ruminate on fashion designs and review products in exchange for freebies. Virtual life is a never ending, never closing, portal depicting slim people laughing and smiling. Youth is now a lifelong sentence; and great grandmothers must wear teenage styled, tight fitting clothing. Yoga and the gym compete to keep the hordes zombie like but well defined.


For the Health and Wellness Buff: Which Fitness Program Suits You Best?

detox diet plan

Dormant lifestyles in today’s modern world have pushed many people to seek the services of wellness companies offering the best workout or fitness program. The increasing demand for these types of companies has led to their blown out popularity. The competition has become stiff and not a single company dares to back down. So much so, that many are resorting to portraying the results of their services as too good to be true. In return, people’s expectations have been increased tremendous fold.

If you are one of the newbies scouring the health and wellness market for what program will best suit you, then you must know right now that you need to take extra caution. Before agreeing to sign up with a fitness company, learn a lot more about this industry as extensively as possible or you’ll easily fall prey to their marketing magic, like many people have experienced. The result would be you receiving a ridiculous value in services and overpriced products in exchange for your hard end dollars.

Important Primary Wellness Question: What is Your Goal?

When trying to choose which fitness company to sign up for, you have to define clearly what is the ultimate goal of your workout program? Are you hoping to lose weight? Or do want to gain weight?  Maybe, you want to engage in a detox diet plan simultaneously with a weight loss regimen?

No matter how fantastic a company is deemed to be by workout experts, it will never be great for someone who signs up for the wrong reasons. If you choose to work with a company without telling them your specific reasons for signing up, then you will end up disappointed and frustrated. You would have wasted your precious time and money because your goals would not have been achieved.

Exercise or physical workout is a personal journey. Therefore, a good workout plan must have an option for customisation so that it can effectively address a person’s specific needs. A good workout company must be open to understand your lifestyle and be ready to address your needs and primary goals. From here, a specific outline of the workout plan can be drawn out that will match with your capacity, with the workout goal as the endpoint.

Match Your Workout Capability with Your Exercise Plan

If you’re a newbie in exercising regularly, or it’s been years since you last did a regular workout routine, then you need to start with low-impact physical activities. These include swimming, machine circuit training, or hiking. Forcing yourself to start with from advanced training will give you disastrous results and you will be facing potential risks and injuries.

Start slow and steady, and gradually increase the intensity and impact of your physical activities. If the company you partnered with insists on this particular setup then they are a company worth signing up for. In contrast, run away from a company who insists on putting you for the advanced routines because it could mean potentially higher fee from you.

For athletes who are used to competitive and dynamic environments, they may be suited for Cross Fit training or power lifting. Other advanced workout trainings that could potentially boost the performance of sportsmen are: triathlon, rowing, adventure racing, or cross country skiing.

Is it Enjoyable?

One aspect that you can use to gauge the effectiveness of fitness program is by determining how the program makes you feel. It does not need to cause you over-the-top enjoyment, but just enough pleasure that you are always looking forward to doing the exercises. You end your night and wake up to a new morning with a smile on your face, stress-free. This is what you should be going for.

A major factor that can make you dread gym time is the thought of doing another round of exercise that is not suited for you. In this case you may have been ushered into the wrong program, and that is mostly the fault of the workout company.

If you signed up to the wrong program, it could disappoint you and you may be forced to quit. The company you are looking for must be able to gauge your abilities so they can give you a set of workout routine that will please you and satisfy your needs.

Like with everything else in life, you need to find happiness in working out so that you can truly push yourself further. The sense of accomplishment from successfully overcoming a difficult physical activity must give you pleasure and pride and not bitterness and frustration.

Community Support & Regular Effectiveness Update

A workout company that can provide you with community support is a good company. Whether or not you are the introvert type who loves working out alone, just listening to music in your headphones, a community support is vital for all gym enthusiasts. The support doesn’t have to be physical. It could be in the form of online forums, or discussions on social media sites, etc.

It is essential for co-gym enthusiasts to gather together and discuss tips and anything related to working out so that no single individual would have to feel isolated. Having someone to talk to about your current endeavour will give you plenty of benefits, especially in encouraging you to continue further.

Can You Fit Your Training Schedule Into Your Life, Seamlessly?

Fitting your fitness program schedule into your daily routine should be hassle-free. If you find it hard to devote some time to gym training due to work, family responsibilities, etc. then that could potentially cause you stress. Stress will give negative effects to your body. Workout training should remove stress and not cause them.

What you must do is to look for a fitness company that will help you plan out your daily schedule so that gym training and other physical activities can be seamlessly incorporated into current lifestyle. The company must be able to provide you with an experienced trainer who can formulate easy-to-do activities while you are at home or in the office in the event that you won’t be able to devote some gym time for certain reasons.

Flexibility is an important trait of the workout company because your life is dynamic and you need to sustain your training. Sustainability is important because if you cut short before your program ends, then all your efforts would have been for nothing.

Beauty Tips? Try Health and Wellness&Fitness Activities

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Melbourne

Wrinkles are an inevitable outcome of aging. Many beauty conscious people have resorted to dermatological companies to help fight these signs of aging. Since artificial ways to preserve beauty has become so popular, you won’t have any difficulty finding a good company offering the best lip fillers in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. But, before you resort to these surgical methods what better way to prevent the appearance of these signs of aging and achieve beauty you’ve always wanted for your body than through health and wellness activities?

Health and Wellness Tip: Be a Role Model to Your Family

You can start by motivating yourself to push for health and wellness for the whole family. Start by eating the right types of foods and following a regular fitness routine. Promote fruits and vegetables, low fat and whole grains to become staple foods in your household. You must lead an active lifestyle for the whole family. Keep in mind that children are inclined to follow what they see. So if they see that you have been regularly active and eating healthily, then they are more inclined to follow suit when they grow up.

Water is Essential

Drinking enough water is necessary when you exercise because all the body systems, organs, all the way down to the cellular level depend on water to properly function. If you lack water you can be dehydrated, your body’s energy will be drained, and you will feel tired. So you must drink water before, during, and after a walk or a jog. Try to drink 1 or 1-1/2 cups of water for every 20-minute walk.

Exercising or doing physical activities that make you sweat can cause your body to lose fluids. You must compensate for this loss by drinking enough water. The amount of water that your body needs depends on the extent of your exercise or physical activity.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Regular Exercise

Getting adequate sleep can become a major problem to many people. Sleep is a very important factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs to rest in order to recuperate from its daily usage, and sleep provides for that opportunity. Did you know that regular exercise or physical activity at the right times can help you achieve a good night’s sleep?

It is recommended that you exercise at least 3 days every week to help improve the quality and length of your sleep. It also helps lessen the times of you falling asleep during the daytime. Plan your exercise or physical activity during the morning, afternoon, or early evening. When exercising during the night, plan to do it at least 3 hours before going to bed. If you start this activity, track the progress of your sleep by keeping a journal on your specific physical activity and how you feel your sleeping condition was affected.

How to Be Fit Even If You’re Busy

You don’t need to stress yourself out to accommodate gym time in your busy schedule. You only need to find an activity that you love to do, like dancing, gardening, walking, or some physical activity that you have always wished to accomplish regularly. This is a great way to get the daily exercise that you need into your lifestyle without you noticing too much about it.

You can even sneak in small exercise activities to your daily routine. For example, you may opt to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. You can also do crunches or squats while watching the TV during commercials. Just remember to target and execute SMART moves: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely fitness activities.

Find at least 3 opportunities within your weekly schedule to do the exercises at specific places. You don’t even have to force yourself to achieve 45 minutes or an hour of continuous physical activity every time. If you can exercise for a short period, say 15 minutes for twice a day, then that is as effective as the lengthier exercise routines. Trying to fit in and achieve 60 minutes of exercise may stress you too much and may become more harmful than beneficial to your body.

Advantages of Wrinkle Injections

If at your current state you already have the unavoidable wrinkles and age lines, then you may consider the benefits of undergoing wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections clear out all types of wrinkles on your face and other parts of the body. They eliminate static, sleep, or dynamic wrinkles, and provide you with a host of benefits.

  1. It softens the expressions of age lines on your face, hands, or other locations in the body.
  2. It gives you a well-rested, less tensed look, which can really boost your self-confidence.
  3. Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and have been proven and tested by millions of patients worldwide with no major complications.

Then, when you have regained your youthful look, you must maintain your fitness by leading a healthy and active lifestyle through proper diet and regular exercise.